New album entitled Babylon Rhythmn with Brad Turner


Available to buy on CD (by request – please contact us to arrange a PayPal payment)

from Amazon <here> where you can listen to a sample of all tracks

and from iTunes <here>


 Apache Indian

 Chris Willis

 Phat Budha

 Samson Ranger

 Shaun Travasso


1. Babylon
2. Down and Out (featuring Chris Willis)
3. The Terror (featuring Samson Ranger)
4. Going Out
5. Come With Me (featuring Brad Turner)
6. Bloody Saturday
7. Black Girls
9. Sheila Army (featuring Phat Budah)
9. Peace and Tranquility
10. Whisper
11. The Boxer
12. Bad Boys (featuring Apache Indian) (Bonus Track) (Courtesy of Karmasound records)

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