New album entitled Babylon Rhythmn with Brad Turner to be released on June 1st

 Chris Willis



I have been around music all my life listening to rock and roll with my Mom & Dad and then moving on to my own influences in the punk scene and from there into the 2 tone movement

I have been in the music industry for a number of years doing a varied range of jobs and have worked with the Levellers on the “Levelling the Land” tour as lighting engineer

For the last 15 years I have been with Natasha Marie starting from being in the road crew to being part of her band then during lock down I started writing songs and playing around with lyrics then one day it just clicked

 I am heavily influenced by the writings from the Clash, Nirvana and Neil young among others finding that I can put a message about what its like to live in England from the 70’s to present day

 The songs written for “Babylon Rhythmn” are about real life from dementia to “Black Lives Matter” and the way that the youth of today have no sense of shame or discipline at being in a frustrated relationship and with real events

It was made easy by the music from Brad Turner at CAF studios in London who is so easy to work with and understands what i want in a song and the wonderful Natasha Marie just made it easy for me to watch my plan for the song turn into something sublime

Thank you Kurt Cobain – RIP

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